Variable Frequency Drives were the founding technology of DRV, Inc.  We have over 30 years of experience in applying this technology to both industrial and municipal applications.  Today’s VFD’s have become optimized to provide a wide range of price/performance points.  DRV can help you select the drive that meets both your performance specifications and your budget.  Our services include Sizing, Selection, Preventative Maintenance Programs, Field Retrofits, Harmonic Mitigation Solutions, Specialized Packaging, and Turnkey Integration.

AC Drives - Low Voltage

1000 SERIES VFD - 1/8 - 1,000 Hp

  • A1000 - Up to 1,000 Hp, Constant Torque, High Performance, Closed Loop Vector, Induction & Permanent Magnet Motors
  • P1000 - Up to 1,000 Hp, Variable Torque, Fan & Pump Applications
  • V1000 - Up to 25 Hp, Multi-purpose Open Loop Vector, Nema4X
  • J1000 - Up to 7.5 Hp, Open Loop Volts/Hz
  • Network Options - Ethernet IP, Ethernet Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet
  • Feedback Options
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Unidrive M Series VFD - 1/8 - 1,600 Hp

  • Integrated CodeSys Based PLC
  • Common DC Bus Solutions
  • Active Front End (AFE) Capability)
  • M700/M800 - Up to 1,600 Hp, High Performance, Closed Loop Vector, Coordinated Systems Drive, Integrated CodeSys PLC, On-Board Ethernet IP/Ehternet Modbus TCP, Permanent Magnet, Induction, & Servo Motors, 3 Option Slots, STO Safety
  • M600 - Up to 1,600 Hp, High Performance Open Loop RFC Control, Induction & Sensorsless,Permanent Magnet Motors, Integrated Codesys PLC, 3 Option Slots, STO Safety
  • M400 - Up to 150 Hp, High Performance Open Loop RFC, Induction Motors, Integrated Codesys PLC, 1 Option Slot, STO Safety
  • M300 - Up to 30Hp, High Performance Open Loop RFC, Induction Motors, 1 Option Slot, STO Safety
  • M200 - Up to 30Hp, High Performance Open Loop RFC, Induction Motors, 1 Option Slot
  • M100 - Up to 10Hp, Open Loop Volts/Hz, Induction Motors
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DC Drives

Mentor & Quantum MP DC Drives

  • Entire Family - Modern All Digital Control, Regen & Non-Regen Options, Option Slots for I/O expansion, Feedback Options, & Communication Networks
  • Mentor MP - Upto 7,400 Amps (6,500 Hp)
  • Quantum MP - Upto 700 Amps (400 Hp)
    • Complete packaged Mentor MP
    • Includes drive fusing, power switching, 115 VAC interface, 2 Option Slots
  • FXMP25 - Field Controller
    • Digital connection to Mentor/Quantum MP via RS485
    • Stand Alone Operation
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AC Drives - Medium Voltage

MV 1000

  • 2.4Kv Family (200 - 2,750 Hp)
  • 4.16kV Family (300 - 5,000 Hp)
  • "Smart Harmonics" Technology -
    • Near Sine Wave Output - run existing "Non VFD Rated" motors
    • Exceed IEEE-519 requirements for Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) with filters
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    Marathon Motors
    Since 1913, Marathon Electric has been dedicated to providing customers with quality products for targeted applications. Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, the company is composed of two strategic product lines: motors and generators. Marathon Electric Motors delivers efficient mechanical power solutions using AC electric motors up to 1250 HP.
    Variable Speed Brochure
    Marathon AC-DC Motors Brochure
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TT AC Motors
T-T Electric USA's offers a series of square frame AC motors for variable speed applications with flux vector control. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the same high performance and dimensions as DC motors of similar power. The compact and flexible square frame design facilitates its integration into all types of machinery. Full Range, High Speed
  • Squirrel-cage rotor/Low Internal Designs
  • Shaft heights from 90 to 255
  • Output up to 1500 HP
  • IP23 and IP54
TT DC Motors
The modular design of our popular DC motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine, and to fit into a restricted space. Our Drop-In solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all DC motors in the market, our own range as well as others, new and old. This, in combination with our short and reliable delivery times, makes T-T Electric DC motor range the right choice also in the retrofit market. Full Range, High Quality
  • Centre heights from 80 to 900 mml
  • Output from 1 to 2000 kW IEC, VDE, BS, NEMA, CSA standards
  • All cooling forms All mountings and designs
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Harmonic Mitigation

  • Lineator - 3 Phase Passive Harmonic Mitigation Filters Exceeds 18 Pulse Performance
  • SOLV - Harmonics Analysis Software Program
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  Engineered Systems

Whether you are an OEM seeking to achieve the next level of performance from your line of equiptment or an End User looking to boost reliabilty and productivity of your plant, our engineering team can help you achieve your goal. DRV's team of engineers offer a variety of engineering services including control panel design, PLC and motion control system programming, VFD commissioning and mechanical component sizing and selection.

 Field Services

DRV's team is there 24hrs/day, 7 days/week to solve your VFD, Motion Control, and Control System challenges. With service personnel located in Pittsburgh and Cleveland we can reach you in time to keep your facility running. We service any manufacturers VFD and many major brand PLCs and HMI systems.

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