Factory Automation

Being in control of the process or machine is part of what we do.  We provide components and solutions to a wide range of manufacturing, process control, and machine control applications.  PLCs, HMIs, Safety Equipment, and everything you need to complete your electrical panels is what we offer.  If you need a turnkey system DRV is willing and able to step up to meet your requirements.  Our services include Panel Design, PLC/HMI Programming, Panel Assembly, and Turnkey Integration.

SCADA Remote Monitoring

Data-Command Access, Control and Monitor Your Industrial, Utility or Manufacturing Systems Over the Internet with Our Easy-to-Implement, Cost Effective Solution.

Data-Command offers a complete suite of solutions which collect and store your process information with easy access over the internet. You can instantly see your information through the browser of any tablet, PC, iPad or smartphone. Need alerts and notifications? Our solution can monitor your systems and deliver notifications through text messages, pages, emails and voice calls. Want to control your systems over the internet? Our products also allow you to securely send commands and inputs from your desktop or mobile device to your systems. Download the Product Guide

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Vision & Uni-Stream Family- Integrated PLC & HMI

  • Remote I/O
  • Free Remote Access
  • Free Programming Software
  • Ethernet & CAN Communications

VIPA GmbH is the YASKAWA-owned German control automation manu-facturer, offering advanced and cost-effective PLC, I/O, HMI and software solutions for over 30 years.

VIPA Controls America is the North American arm of VIPA GmbH, a world-wide leader in state-of-the-art industrial control & visualization solutions

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HMI & Industrial PC's

  • TxA - Operator Panels - 4.3", 7" & 10" Screens
  • TxB - Operator Panel - 7", 12" & 15" Screens
  • TXC - Panel PC's - 12", 15" & 21" Screens

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Low Voltage Control

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DRV Custom Controls

  • Duplex, Triplex, & Quadruplex Pump Control Systems
  • Servo Systems
  • Packaged AC Drive Systems
  • UL Approved Panel Facility
  • ISO Quality Processes in Place
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Pump Controls

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  Engineered Systems

Whether you are an OEM seeking to achieve the next level of performance from your line of equiptment or an End User looking to boost reliabilty and productivity of your plant, our engineering team can help you achieve your goal. DRV's team of engineers offer a variety of engineering services including control panel design, PLC and motion control system programming, VFD commissioning and mechanical component sizing and selection.

 Field Services

DRV's team is there 24hrs/day, 7 days/week to solve your VFD, Motion Control, and Control System challenges. With service personnel located in Pittsburgh and Cleveland we can reach you in time to keep your facility running. We service any manufacturers VFD and many major brand PLCs and HMI systems.

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